American Red Cross® and American Heart Association® certification equivalents

Time to get recertified in CPR/AED and/or First Aid?

In order to qualify for an American Red Cross recertification/review/refresher class, you must have successfully completed:

  • the same American Red Cross class;
  • a higher level American Red Cross class;
  • the equivalent American Heart Association class; or
  • a higher level American Heart Association class.

Furthermore, that qualifying class must have been completed within the past two years.

To help you understand what qualifies and what does not, here are the general class equivalents:


AHA: “Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers”

ARC: “CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers”

ARC: “CPR/AED for Lifeguards” (class no longer offered)


AHA: “Heartsaver CPR AED”

AHA: “Family & Friends CPR” (non-certification class)

ARC: “CPR/AED-Adult,” “CPR/AED-Pediatric” (“CPR/AED-Child” + “CPR-Infant”), or a combo


AHA: “Heartsaver First Aid”

ARC: “First Aid”